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Creating new opportunities in power distribution

Energy Central is a major hub for renewable energy and as such provides substantial supply chain opportunities for companies who work in supporting power distribution and energy systems.

The site has a readily available power capacity of up to 100 MVA, making it capable of supplying manufacturers and other businesses which require large-scale energy use, and renewable energy sources provide much of Energy Central’s power – meaning that businesses locating to Energy Central can tap into an abundant supply of low carbon energy.

An example of the companies attracted to Energy Central because of its power capabilities is the gigafactory site at Northumberland Energy Park Phase 3 at Energy Central.

Energy Central boasts substantial National Grid infrastructure and two substations are located at Northumberland Energy Park. 

The Northumberland Energy Park site is also home to the North Sea Link UK/Norway Interconnector, which is set to enter use in 2021. The North Sea Link – which will be the longest subsea interconnector in the world when it opens – connects the electrical grids of the UK and Norway via high voltage subsea cables from Kvilldal in Norway to Blyth. Capable of transferring 1400MW of renewable power from wind and water resources between the countries, it represents a major source of green energy for Energy Central.

EDF’s Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Wind Farm lies just 0.5 miles off the coast of Blyth. Consisting of five 8MW turbines, it has a generating capacity of up to 41.5MW – enough to power 36,000 homes – and is linked to the EDF substation on the Northumberland Energy Park site at Energy Central. EDF is planning to build phase two of the wind farm using floating offshore wind technology.

In addition, Energy Central is strategically located for access to major North Sea offshore wind developments, including Dogger Bank, the Firth of Forth and Hornsea.

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